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The following list is indicative of the nature of services available, however for each client a separate package of services is developed in accordance with specific operational and budgetary requirements.



  • Catering Services to Industrial, Commercial sites, large base Camps, and Remote sites.

  • Catering Services to the employee’s organizations of diverse categories (Labors, juniors, seniors, and VIPs) ethnic groups (Catering for different tastes and cultures).

  • Operation of Industrial and Residential Compounds’ canteens.

  • Pre-Packed food delivery services

  • Banqueting Services (Outdoor Catering, Parties, Buffet)

Laundry & Dry Cleaning

  • Personal Laundry and Uniforms

  • Bed Linen and Towels are collected, washed, sanitized, and distributed by our staff

  • Dry cleaning Services available upon request

gulf mahmal compound

Accommodation Management

  • Operating housing complexes and camps for a variety of ethnical origin categories of residents.

  • Providing complete range of support services for the residents.

  • Consultative services for design and operation of housing complexes.

  • Our own compounds are located in Jubail & Al-Khobar


Janitorial & Housekeeping

  • Camp operation, Billeting Services

  • Room Cleaning, bed making, laundry and sanitizing service in camps and residential compounds

  • Cleaning of all areas including accommodation units, ablutions, recreational areas, offices, warehouses, dining halls, kitchens

janitorial & housekeeping
logistic support

Logistic Support

  • Provision of Management, Technical and Administrative Personnel

  • Accommodation and Office Facilities

  • Community Support Services:

    • Transportation Services

    • Recreation Facilities

    • Meal Delivery Services

    • Security Services


Facility Management

  • Management, operations, corrective & preventive maintenance of residential compounds, commercial, industrial, institutional facilities and camps site. 

  • Electrical Works

  • Civil and Mechanical and Plumbing Works

  • HVAC, Heating and Air-conditioning

  • Water Treatment and Distribution Systems

  • Building Security and Control Systems

  • Power Generation and Distribution Systems

Facility Management

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